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A multi-media component of Halifax 57 Rescue Canada

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             February 2022 
 Part 1                             Part 2

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Over the last four decades, we have documented incredible stories about aviation, historical recovery projects and recorded hundreds of interviews with veterans of the ages. Our objective is to restore an important part of our aviation history.  Each month, you will see adventure projects, classic interviews, live museum aircraft demonstrations and international destinations. The project is educational and is an invaluable record of the 20th century.  ​

Watch our monthly News Updates, our special aircraft recovery project in Sweden, a Lancaster 4 Engine start up, the ReBuild Shop, RCAF Americans and our contribution to the Bomber Command Memorial from London, England.   

Support This Project


Support with a donation to our Fundrazr site. We have been working on these projects for many years and have been supported by veterans, aviation enthusiasts, the sons and daughters of veterans and the people of Canada.

With our international contacts and our remarkable record of aircraft recoveries, we need your support to continue our journey on behalf of our veterans.

Personal contributions, corporate sponsorships and your donations will be what   keeps this important project alive yesterday, today and tomorrow.    


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The adventure group, Halifax 57 Rescue Canada has traveled the world searching and recovering
World War II aircraft from lakes, bunkers, farmers fields and bogs. is our internet
program featuring News Updates, The ReBuild Shop, Classic Interviews and Museum News from
Nanton, Alberta. Along with our regular features, we have Documentaries and Special Projects
with  the Bomber Command Memorial in London, the Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln, England,
the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond, the POW Story, the Great Escape, a WWI Fighter Pilot
and a Cold War bunker tour. You'll see the Air Cadets, Vintage Wings, The Story of Halifax NA337
at 8 Wing Trenton and our latest recovery project on the Baltic Sea.  


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