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Airplane Hunters

Are you a home video editor with an interest in World War II aviation? Instead of watching videos on the internet, why not volunteer to join our production team! In 1983, we started to record interviews with veterans from the second World War. Today we have hundreds of classic eyewitness accounts of the 20rh century ready to be edited into short clips.


This is a very positive project but we need one thing, video editors. Send us an email and we will digitally send you an original veteran interview from our collection. We have hundreds of interviews and adventure videos we want to use on the show. We simply do not have the time to edit them all. You will be credited on the show for your work and we may even have an annual contest for the best editor of the year.


By volunteering to join the team of editors of you will be helping us build this unique educational video collection for today and for future generations. To join the team as a volunteer editor, contact


Sweden Halifax Recovery 2022

Halifax NA337 Norway 1995

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